Dear Scientists,

Abstracts for the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION AND RELIGION IN BURSA- 1 will be sent to until June 15, 2024 in accordance with the template below. Papers accepted to the symposium will be announced on June 22, 2024.

Abstract Template


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In this section, write your short summary in English, which consists of a description of your work and a clear and concise statement of the findings and theses. The abstract should provide information on the subject of the paper, the purpose and scope of the study, its method, main sources, and its original contribution to the field. Our abstract format is limited to a maximum of 300 words and our font is 12 point Times New Roman. Do not use references, citations or images in this section.

Keywords: (3-5 words, in the order in the Turkish summary, 11 points)