Dear Academia,

Today, through addressing peoples' psychological, social, and physical needs, tourism is emerging as a strong and effective activity whose significance is continually growing and taking on substantial dimensions. Both the local and national economies as well as social welfare are positively impacted by tourism.

Within the context of tourism, Religious (Faith) Tourism is defined as touristic journeys made by individuals to locations other than the places where they reside, work, and satisfy their basic needs in order to realize their religious convictions and to visit the places of attraction associated with their respective beliefs.

Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism's "Tourism Strategy 2023" paper lists the growth of religious (faith) tourism as one of its top priorities. The Ministry works in this goal by developing infrastructure for accommodation and transportation, and marketing initiatives for religious routes and centers.

On April 25 and 26, 2023, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will host a symposium titled "HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION AND RELIGION IN BURSA" with the goal of highlighting the significance of Bursa in terms of its history of civilization and belief, religious tourism values, and potential from the past to the present. The symposium will cover the following topics: 1. THE HISTORY OF RELIGION IN BURSA 2. BURSA'S RELIGIOUS PLACES 3. BURSA'S RELIGIOUS LEADERS 4. BURSA'S RELIGIOUS TOURISM. 

Articles and papers on religious tourism in Bursa will be accepted in both English and Turkish. Academics and researchers interested in presenting papers are asked to send their abstracts, which should not exceed 300 words, via by no later than March 3, 2023.



Alinur AKTAŞ

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitian Municipality